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Dahlonega-Lumpkin Chamber of Commerce

Etowah Meadery / The Dahlonega Brewery

Etowah Meadery / The Dahlonega Brewery


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Specifically, Mead is also known as Honey Wine. During medieval times, mead was part of a marriage ritual, now known as the Honey Moon.

While the most principal fermentable sugar in mead is honey, these fermentable sugars can be combined with various forms of fruit, with the addition of spices or even grains. Mead also varies greatly in terms of alcohol content, ranging from 5% to more than 20%. The varieties available to craft mead makers are endless

Mead has a unique mouth-feel not shared by any other kind of alcohol, as it retains some of the character from honey, even if it is fermented dry (no remaining sweetness).

We are also a craft brewery! Style include Blonde ales, IPAs, Sours, Stouts and a whole lot more! Taps are always rotating so there is something new to try each time.

Come on by for a one stop shop that will surely have something for everyone.

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  • Wine made from Honey (Mead) and Craft Beer
  • Locally Veteran Owned
  • Event Space
  • Live Music and Trivia
  • Buy our Mead online


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